Drupal 9 alpha version review

We can not wait to see the next step of the Drupal evolution looks like. We want to play with it, to see is there any difference.

We will need a local server (I will use WAMP). It must support PHP 7.3 or higher. You can check them here.

Now lets download the Drupal 9 alpha1 (latest in this moment) from here.

First thing we can see is the difference of the packages sizes. Latest Drupal in this moment is 8.8.2 (you can see it here). Its ZIP file is 29.49MB and the tar.gz is 15.92MB. The Drupal 9 alpha packages sizes are: 26.73MB for the ZIP and 15.92MB for the tar.gz.

I unzip the package in my newly created folder called Drupal in WAMP’s www directory.

For the experiment I tried to run it with PHP 7.2 and it shows me error: “Your PHP installation is too old. Drupal requires at least PHP 7.3.0. See the system requirements page for more information.”. So let’s switch to PHP 7.3.

The first screen is the language selector. Select “English” and proceed. The next one is the profile - selected “Standart”.

Setup the database connection and the installation process is ready to begin.

The final step of the installation process is to setup admin's user naame and email.

Now, when we have the Drupal9 installed we can take a look at the admin panel and to confirm that the core team keep their word and everything in admin panel is like it was in Drupal8.

I hope you found this article interesting.

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