What will be new in Drupal 9

The new Drupal 9 will come in mid-2020 (June 3, 2020) and will be the first major release for the CMS with built-in backward compatibility. This means the upgrade should be easy if you’re already using Drupal 8.

With Drupal 9, the core team wants to adopt a new model going forward. Till this moment every major new release of Drupal basically re-invented parts of the platform.

It will be built on top of the current existing architecture of Drupal 8 and we will continue receive updates every six months.

Drupal 9 will be a cleaned-up version of Drupal 8. It will be the same as the last Drupal 8 minor version with deprecated code removed and third-party dependencies updated.

Drupal 9 will require at least PHP 7.3.

Drush will only provide Drupal 9 compatibility in Drush 10.

With end of life approaching for Drupal 7 and 8 in November 2021, operating the website on them won’t be an option. They will be without security coverage and without new features. Staying with older version might make you vulnerable to security challenges.

The new things:

Everyone related with Drupal website knows how difficult is to update it, because newer versions didn’t guarantee backward compatibility with previous ones:

  • You need to use migration modules;
  • You need to update lots of modules to be sure all they will work with the new updated version of Drupal;
  • Sometimes you need to go through your source files and replace deprecated code.

Drupal 9 will ship with:

  • support for newer PHP libraries, such as Twig;
  • backward compatibility with version 8 from day one. This means all of your Drupal 8 components will still work with this new version;
  • Supporting Symfony 4 and Symfony 5. it will bring new capabilities for Drupal;
  • support for reusable media.

Dries Buytaert proposed a few tracks of possible future directions in his presentation at DrupalCon Amsterdam:

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